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ISEBahamas - Integrated Systems Explorers (Bahamas), is a 100% solely owned and operated Bahamian Company registered in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.


We are a company that has been in business for 13 years now; having been established in 2008. Integrated Systems Explorers (Bahamas) has engineers in the IT profession with over 30 years experience and our engineers are well qualified in their respective disciplines.

ISEBAHAMS, prides itself on knowing the products


1. That it supports 


2. That it recommends from a consultancy standpoint


ISEBahamas believes in the products that we support and we stand by them unwaveringly. In today’s world, technology rapidly changes and evolves each and every day. Persons and companies alike in the IT profession like ISEBahamas need to be on the cutting edge of technology; especially in the area of communications. Everything, and I do mean everything, is now tied in some way shape or form to the information highway that we know as the “Internet”. Even the little cell phones that our children use each and every day have the capability of communicating via the Internet.

As this generation moves toward the inevitable globalization of information, ISEBahamas' aim is to provide the Bahamas and the Caribbean with unparalleled Integrated Solutions that will allow them to integrate the many devices in their homes and offices. The advent of the Internet has opened up so many opportunities that allows almost every technological device to be able to be used any and everywhere. Already, there are smart homes being built that are controlled by the voice of it's dwellers. This product and many others are installed and sold at ISEBahamas.

Our engineers are very knowledgeable and experienced in a new venture we believe is about to take off here in the Bahamas and the Caribbean. This new technology to the Bahamas is what is known as Computer Forensics. We are the ONLY ISFCE Certified Computer Examiners in the entire Commonwealth of The Bahamas to date, and one of only two companies in the entire Caribbean. Please visit our Digital Forensics page to find out more detailed information about our Computer Forensics services. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and may the good LORD bless and keep you.


Bert Moss


President - ISEBahamas

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ISEBahamas - The Computer Forensics Experts

ISEBahamas President - Bert Moss


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