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Little Feet Academy Nursery & Preschool

ISEBahamas  has been  very instrumental in Little Feet Academy becoming the number one Preschool in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. We pride ourselves on being the very best that we can be and ISEBahamas did a fantastic job in bringing our dreams to fruition. They installed the school's network infrastructure, installed a very professional PBX phone system (Fortivoice), and they also installed  a CCTV surveillance system (ANNKE) that allows us to view the facilities remotely at all times of the day. This is particularly important for the parents of the students who want to view their children throughout the day. Everything was done professionally and on schedule. We now have our own email system and the parents are able to interact with us online via registrations etc. Thank you ISEBahamas!

Mrs. Bridgette Moss - Director Little Feet Academy




GHS Class of '87 Alumni

Mr. Bert Moss of ISEBahamas has truly been dedicated and patient throughout the designing phases of our website. The website had to be constantly updated with photos and dates but he stuck with us and was patient. The Alumni has been very pleased with the website that was created and were getting lots of compliments concerning it. Thank you ISEBahamas for a job well done and giving us this http://www.ghsclass87.com.

Mr. Kevin "Minister K" Harris - President (Emeritus) GHS Class '87 Alumni




Jose Cartellone Construction Company (Bahamas)

ISEBahamas performed the initial PBX telephone system installation for the construction company 'Jose Cartellone (Bahamas)' from start to finish at their location at the Blue Hill Sporting Complex. Jose Cartellone is responsible for the new roadway remodeling taking place in Nassau. Their Talkswitch PBX phone systems comprise of two main lines and a fax line with VOIP capabilities, providing some 20 plus extensions over three separate office complexes. They are able to connect to their offices located in Argentina via VOIP over their existing broadband connection. Our Fortivoice PBX systems are very flexible and are a great fit for the construction industry with systems that can be easily configured and relocated from jobsite to jobsite.




Oaktree Medical Center

ISEBahamas  has been  very instrumental in the growth and development of Oaktree Medical Center and Oaktree Medical Surgical Suites in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. We pride ourselves on being the very best that we can be and ISEBahamas did a fantastic job in bringing our dreams to fruition. They were able to provide and install ALL of our IT specific needs inclusive of the IP Phone systems, CCTV Systems, Computers Systems and the Network Infrastructure from ground zero to present. Everything was done professionally and on schedule.  We say a heartfelt thank you, to ISEBahamas for a job well done.

Dr. Don Diego Deveaux - M.D, Internal Medicine

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GHS Class of '87 Website - Home Page

GHS Class of '87 Website

Fortivoice PBX Phone Systems Installed By ISEBahamas

GHS Class of '87 Website - Home Page

Jose Cartellone Construction Company (Bahamas)

Network Systems and Infrastructure Installed By ISEBahamas

Oaktree Medical Center

Oaktree Medical Center - Rosetta Street and Montrose Avenue


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