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At ISEBahamas, we believe that being knowledgeable about a particular vendor's product is absolute key. Our engineers are fully qualified and trained in many areas and disciplines in the world of Technology such as Website Design, Network Support and Computer Forensics. Below are some of the other technology areas where ISEBahamas provides consultancy as well as service and support in the Bahamas and throughout Caribbean.


Network Consultancy - Management - Design and Implementation

ISEBahamas provides consulting services for Networking infrastructure, design and implementation. Our engineers are ALL Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSE) trained and are qualified to perform everything pertaining to your Microsoft networks from the ground up. With over 23 years experience in the Microsoft Networking Technology of products  including the latest technologies Microsoft Windows Server 2012 - 2019.

Our engineers are well versed in all of the Microsoft client OS including Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and now Windows 11.

Mr. Moss president of ISEBahamas has over 33 years experience in the computer hardware and software technology disciplines covering the areas of computer repair, building and maintenance, printer repair and installations (a certified Xerox Systems Analyst) on the digital multifunction machines as well as proprietary and other LEGACY Network OS and platforms such as SUNOS (Sun Microsystems), Novell Netware and the IBM AS400.

We have several years of experience working with routers of all brands Cisco, Linksys, D-Link, ASUS  and the NETGEAR brands, providing remote access connections to Branch and International offices. Wireless communication, is fast becoming the norm even in the average household. ISEBahamas is also experienced in the disciplines of wireless networking infrastructures.

Here at ISEBahamas, we can also provide structured network cabling solutions to fit your network backbone infrastructure. CAT5 and CAT6 cabling is our main focus. However, we do provide fiber optic cable installation, troubleshooting and repair. If your goal is to have a small network in your office, or a much bigger network that spans several buildings or even a different city we can be of assistance to you.

For IT professionals, managing a network whether small or large can prove to be quite challenging. ISEBahamas, offers CISCO Network Management Solutions and Tools that will assist the average IT professional in helping to keep the Network Infrastructure running at peak performance. These solutions will guide you to the troubled spots so to speak, of your infrastructure and provide you will repair strategies by analyzing raw data from the network and converting it into information that network administrators can act on.

Some benefits of the Network Management Tools are as follows:

  1. Better Network Performance
  2. Faster identification and resolution of problems
  3. Significantly enhanced network planning capabilities
  4. Reduced risk
  5. Access to Cisco advanced services
  6. Greater efficiency, productivity and profitability


Network & Internet Security

Is your network secure? What about the configuration parameters of the gateway that lead to the outside world? Will your Intranet (Internal Network) be vulnerable? Are your end users abiding by the policies provided by the IT team and management? These are some of the questions that CEO's, CIO's, IT Managers, and ALL "MIS"  members will be confronted with at some point in time. For more information regarding Network and Internet security click here or simply contact us for service or consulting prices.


Monitoring Internet Usage

Monitor your company's Internet usage with the 'Optinet bandwidth shaping & content filtering' system. This system controls bandwidth costs, increases employee productivity, and reduces Internet threats.


Conferencing Systems

In a large corporation or small business, meetings are inevitable. Sometimes these meetings are internal to the company, and at other times they are external; meaning some form of travelling is required. Have you ever wanted to lower or eliminate these travel expenses for employees attending important meetings? Well let ISEBahamas assist you with setting up a Web Conferencing or  Teleconferencing solution that is affordable and ideal for your company. Save time and money with live online meetings; no hassle, no astronomical travel expenses and all around savings on your bottom line.

Advantages and disadvantages of web and video conferencing

Advantages of web conferencing compared with video conferencing

• No equipment required ubiquitous access via browser.
• Often cheaper and more reliable
• Smaller software download required (in some cases NO software download required)
• Fewer firewall configuration issues
• Less technically challenging to set up and use
• Lower internet bandwidth requirements
• As no live video feed, no requirement for adequate lighting or make up.
• Participants can do not become distracted from content of presentation by the novelty of being able to see each other.

Advantages of video conferencing over web conferencing

• Live video feed so participants can see each other in real-time.
• Participants can feel more involved as have life video element.


Small - Medium Sized Business PBX Telephone Systems Installations

In today's world, technology is all around us and each and every year it becomes better and better. Gone are the days of the old antiquated analog home and office phone systems. We are now living in the days of the digital phone systems with all of the dialing and messaging features. To add to this ever so wonderful technology is the advent of the IP telephony solution. Having an IP telephony solution allows you to now connect your telephone over the internet through your LAN or WAN to say, a branch office. One big advantage of IP PBX or a VOIP solution is its low cost of operation. Since the calls make use of IP networks, even long distance international calls are many times cheaper. If the call is made between the phone systems that links the branches of enterprises, it is absolutely free of cost.

ISEBahamas specializes in the smaller PBX telephony systems for small offices and homes, contact us for more information by clicking the link provided.

One such product that we carry is the Fortivoice brand (formerly Talkswitch). Fortivoice is the original all-in-one PBX telephone system for small business. Packed with amazing features, Fortivoice systems improve your image, save you money and keep you connected everywhere. With Fortivoice, you connect the way you choose. The systems work with VoIP (voice over IP) and the traditional telephone network, and you can choose IP or standard analog telephones. Fortivoice PBX and IP PBX phone systems let you work the way you want to. We are the recognized local Fortivoice reseller for the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Contact us so that we may find a solution that best suits your need.

Another network telephony product offered by ISEBahamas is the 3CX Software based PBX for WINDOWS VOIP phone system.

Some key advantages of the 3CX system are:

Increases mobility,  allows remote workers and tele-workers to be seamlessly integrated to the company's phone system

Eliminates expensive telephone tag using the inbuilt Presence feature

Easier phone system administration via a web-based configuration

Vendor independent,  significant cost savings by choosing VOIP provider and SIP equipment of choice

Yet another small PBX phone system supported by ISEBahamas is the KX-TES824 from Panasonic. Panasonic have been manufacturing business and consumer products to the highest quality for many years. Products which are designed to make life easier, less stressful and more enjoyable. The KX-TES824 does all that for your business, and more too. Supplied with 3 Lines and 8 Extensions - Expandable to 8 Lines and 24 Extensions


Office Multimedia Equipment

Do you need to make a presentation for that big meeting or to the faculty and students? We can provide you with a  multimedia LCD projector for rental.

We also sell multimedia LCD and overhead projectors. These models include 3M, Canon, and ASK Proxima, Epson. Our over head projector prices start at $350.00 and the multimedia LCD projectors start at $950.00


Data Recovery Services

What is Data Recovery?

Data Recovery is the process of recovering lost or damaged data on a media. Data can be loss by media crash or by deleting a file. Have you ever deleted an important data file by accident, while attempting to cleanup your system? If the information is that important to you, why not retrieve it? ISEBahamas uses the most up to date 'Data Recovery' Software Solutions' to recover previously deleted files, files from unrecognizable logical partition structures, files from partially damaged hard drives and drives that are not being recognized by the operating systems? Contact ISEBahamas and let us examine your hard drive to see if we are able to locate and retrieve the deleted data file(s) intact for you.


CCTV - Sales & Support

Have you always wanted to be at home even when you were not at home? Ever wondered when you were traveling away from home, are my kids safe? What about when you and the entire family are away on vacation, did you ever wonder if the house or office was safe or at risk? Well, wonder no more. we have the perfect solution for you. ISEBahamas is also a local reseller for the ECLIPSE Business and Professional grade series of CCTV Systems in the Bahamas.

These systems work great whether for large or small offices, homes, Schools or Churches or any playground or area where you need to monitor activities. The ECLIPSE systems are easily affordable, durable and easy to setup. With it's DVR unit you will be able to connect to your video surveillance system and monitor your premises over the Internet. There are reasonable color, black and white in the bullet, dome, dummy and pin cameras models to suit your needs. There are night vision model camera also in the bullet and dome models. NEWS: New model ECL-HD59 1080 2 Megapixel SDI High Definition over BNC with up to 100' night vision.

Contact us to see if we can be of assistance getting your premises protected today.





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Office IP Based PBX Phone Systems Yealink IP Phones

Yealink IP based Phones for Office PBX Systems








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